On Rocky Lake


It’s May in Nova Scotia

And the mist is on the lake

My canoe is on the water

And it leaves a foamy wake


There’s a stiffness in my muscles

As I’ve just climbed out of bed

And so I dip the paddle

And feel the warmness spread


The day is full of promise

As the woods begin to wake

The sun will soon be climbing

O’er the pine trees by East Lake


The loon sounds kind of lonesome

As he calls out for his mate

And I’m sure that he’ll out-fish us

Without using any bait


My son now picks his rod up

As he checks his line and fly

My eyes scan o’er the water

As it reflects both woods and sky


Are those bubbles on the surface?

Just beside that rocky shoal

And I gently bring the bow round

So that Nat can reach the hole


He shakes a little line out

And then flips it toward the rock

As we drift now on in silence

For there is no need to talk


As the fly comes past the boulder

We both see a golden flash

Nathan quickly lifts the tip up

And the trout begins to splash


We now have half our dinner

And it isn’t even eight

In a while we’ll build a fire

With the pan upon a grate


We will cook a little bacon

And then trout till they are brown

Toast bread to make a sandwich

With cold pop to wash it down


The sun peeks o’er the treetops

And the mist drifts on its way

Warblers sing among the bushes

As they rise to greet the day

I suppose that in a while

The wind will blow out of the west

But for now I’ll take the stillness

For I love the mornings best


Yes it’s spring in Nova Scotia

But alas that isn’t so

It is winter in New Brunswick

I’m surrounded by the snow


It’s cold outside the window

All is white out past the blind

So I’ll sit here by the fire

And go fishing in my mind