About Pricing

I have found it difficult to place a value on my artwork. Most of my paintings to date have either been given as birthday and wedding presents or sold to family and friends that I have felt indebted to for many kindnesses shown through the years.

In looking into online information on pricing, it is obvious that many factors are at play other than the aesthetic appeal of the piece. Having watched a number of episodes of the BBC program "Fake or Fortune", I have seen that the value of the art changes based on its provenance.  If it can be traced to a recognized "great artist", its price can be vastly increased.

Painting No. 6 (Violet, Green, and Red) by Mark Rothko sold for $180,000,000 (check it out online) which brings to my mind the story of "The Emperor's New Clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen. In the world of collectors, paintings are commodities, and the value has little to do with the aesthetics.

These examples, then, are of little help to me. I paint pictures of that which has a visual or emotional appeal to me and would like my paintings to go to people who would enjoy them as I do. However, there is an inherent cost of time and material involved, and I would like at least one of my many hobbies to have an income rather than an outgo.

Stephan Baumann has an interesting article on pricing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPS5f5b26wE&t=64s). In this, he puts forth the idea that paintings should be sold by the square inch to give a consistent approach. He recommends that an artist should start pricing his paintings at $2 per square inch and then increase that as recognition and demand increase. He also says that if people can't afford that, then you don't want to sell to them anyway.

Although I am not sure about all of his advice, I am going to price by the square inch to begin with starting at approximately $1.50 per square inch. I would like my paintings to go to those that would enjoy them as I do. For those that are framed, I add the cost of the framing as I don't do those myself but have to pay the going rate at a local framing company.

The exception to this pricing will be those that have been painted specifically to benefit Centre Kemnda. These will be priced higher in line with their charitable purposes.